Simple Excel Report Automation

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5-stars  “going to save me hours in reporting!”

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The free Analytics Edge Basic Add-in now comes with a free Google Analytics connector and a free Social Sharing Counts connector so you can automatically download the latest data with ease!

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Simple Automation

The Analytics Edge Core Add-in lets you automate the download and analysis of data without programming. The wizard-driven interface and a growing collection of inexpensive connectors makes it possible!

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Connectors Available For:

Bing Webmaster Tools,  Constant Contact,  Google AdWords,  Google Analytics,  Google Webmaster Tools,  MailChimp,  Moz,  Salesforce,, Shopify

Analytics Edge is listed in the Constant Contact Marketplace, the MailChimp Integrations Directory, the Google Analytics App Gallery, the Mozscape App Gallery, and the Shopify App Store.