Simple Excel Report Automation

Simply Free

The free Analytics Edge Basic Add-in now comes with a free Google Analytics connector and a free Social Sharing Counts connector so you can automatically download the latest data with ease!

Unlimited Use, No Cost!



Simple Automation

The Analytics Edge Core Add-in lets you automate the download and analysis of data without programming. Now with scheduled refresh and PDF output, you get professional reports for a fraction of the cost.

Discover Simple, Only $75/year!


Connectors Available For:  Bing Webmaster Tools,  Constant Contact,  Facebook Insights (NEW), Google AdWords,  Google Analytics,  Google Webmaster Tools,  MailChimp,  Moz,  SalesforceShopify, Social Shares

Over 50,000 queries refreshed last month with a click. What are you waiting for? Download Now!

One year: 12 new products, 120 updates, 30 free Excel reports,
and over 35 expert articles to simplify your reporting!

Free Excel Reports and Expert Guidance

Analytics Edge doesn’t stop there! Get started fast with professional-looking Excel reports, provided free and easily modified to suit your unique reporting needs. Expert articles provide guidance to overcome your pressing reporting and automation challenges with simple solutions. Save your time, save your money with Analytics Edge.



Analytics Edge is listed in the Constant Contact Marketplace, the MailChimp Integrations Directory, the Google Analytics App Gallery, the Mozscape App Gallery, and the Shopify App Store.