Simple Excel Report Automation

Fast and Affordable Custom Reporting Solution

Featuring the Analytics Edge Core Add-in for Microsoft Excel 2007/2010/2013
(Analytics Edge Basic Add-in also available)

Available Connectors:   Google AdWords,  Google Analytics Pro/Free, Google SearchConstant Contact,
MailChimp,  Facebook,  Facebook Ads (NEW)Bing Webmaster Tools,  Moz,  Salesforce,  Shopify,  GA Management


1,800,000+ queries refreshed last month!  Get Started!

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Faster than Programming

Step-by-step wizards
Automatic macro recording
Minutes vs. hours
Easily changed

Powerful Automation

Pivot, join, replace, lookup…
Easy multi-source analysis
Schedule refreshes overnight
Send PDF report by email

Secure and Scalable

Direct API connections
Encrypted credentials
Shareable workbooks
No account limits

Bonus Extras!

Free example reports
Extensive online help
Helpful expert articles
Actively supported and updated