Simple Excel Report Automation

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Analytics Edge is an add-in for Microsoft Excel that makes report updates fast and easy. You can load from files or worksheets, combine, compare, remove duplicates, split columns, sort and filter quickly, easily, and without programming! All your actions are automatically recorded, easily edited, and quickly replayed. It’s even easy to install! Connectors make it just as easy to include data from your Shopify, Constant Contact, MailChimp, Google AdWords, Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools accounts.

Fast: Analytics Edge macros run in seconds! Build your report once, then just run the macro to refresh it at any time.

Easy: Don’t be confused by Excel formulas. Simple function wizards help get the job done without having to learn how to program. Point and click your way to a finished report.

Powerful: All the analytics functions you need are available through simple wizards, so you can focus on your numbers, not on programming the tool.

Reliable: Function wizards work on entire columns or tables, so you never have to worry about overlooking a cell formula in a big worksheet.

Flexible: Quickly step through your macro, edit any function, and undo your changes. Experiment a little and get back to where you were in seconds.

Affordable: For about $6/month, you can build automated reports in minutes that would take hours or cost hundreds to have programmed.

Bonus! Free reports get you started quickly, are easily branded to your style, and they are completely open — yours to use as-is, or modify them to suit your unique reporting needs.

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Analytics Edge is listed in the Constant Contact Marketplace, the MailChimp Integrations Directory, the Google Analytics App Gallery, the Mozscape App Gallery, and the Shopify App Store.