Free Excellent Analytics Update

A free upgrade for the open source Excellent Analytics plugin for Excel is available: Analytics Edge Simply Free. Don’t let login failures stop your reporting [Google shut down ClientLogin May 26th which is used by EA – Analytics Edge uses the new Oauth]. Getting Google Analytics data in Excel has never been easier! With the free Analytics Edge Basic Add-in and the included Free Google Analytics connector, you can:

  • simple installation for Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013
  • access all the latest dimensions and metrics
  • refresh all the queries in your report with a single click
  • use multiple logins and website profiles
  • with no query or download limits
  • minimize Google Analytics data sampling!
  • get support from an active support forum

Download Analytics Edge Simply Free Right Now!

Excellent Analytics Alternative

Google Analytics has undergone several significant upgrades over the years, and Analytics Edge provides a new, fresh take on API-to-Excel integration. No more technical API field names – select the metrics and dimensions you want from a list that is consistent with the web interface. View the list by category, alphabetically or enter a search term to find the one you want. Not sure if this is the right field? Google-supplied descriptions appear automatically when a field is selected, just like they are in the web interface.

As with all Analytics Edge connectors, there are no arbitrary limits to the number of accounts you can use. Each login can define a default view (profile), just like on the web, but you can place different profile queries side-by-side in your worksheet. With the Analytics Edge Core Add-in, you can set the default view as part of the automation macro, making it easy to build and deploy template Excel reports for multiple web properties.

Analytics Edge provides an extremely flexible date range selection capability in its connectors, allowing you to define the start and end dates for your report by selecting from a combination of start date, end date and duration. For example, a period of 12 months ending at the end of last month, of from a specific campaign start date until today. The actual dates are figured out for you when you run the query, so you don’t need to fiddle with queries every month.


Finally, even when paired with the free Analytics Edge Basic Add-in, all the queries in the workbook can be updated with a single click, and you get all the data, even if there are more than 10,000 rows. No more manual refreshes, no more truncated results. Dates appear as Excel dates. Percentages don’t need to be divided by 100.

If you don’t want to struggle with format conversions, pivot tables, and other nasty Excel formula challenges, the Analytics Edge Core Add-in‘s 20+ function wizards and workflow macros are available for only $75/year.

Excel report automation…Simply Free.