A Better Lookup Experience

Newsletter sent 2015-05-20.

A Better Lookup Experience

The most useful function in Microsoft Excel is VLOOKUP. The ability to lookup a value from another table makes it possible to extend beyond a single set of data. Unfortunately, it is also the most confusing function, and most Excel users are baffled by the odd parameters used in the command. You can’t guess at how it works, you have to look it up.

vlookup vs excel

Vlookup searches almost equal Microsoft Excel searches


Microsoft continues to build more capability into the product, but they haven’t made those old commands any easier to use. I built the Analytics Edge products to make your life easier, and the “core” of the product portfolio is the Analytics Edge Core Add-in. It simplifies all the things you struggle with in Excel, from converting dates to pivot tables to automating repetitive work.


Version 2.8 of the Core Add-in introduces the Lookup wizard to eliminate the need for VLOOKUP. It joins the Append, Combine, Compare, Match and Update wizards for handling multiple sets of data without programming.

Pick the index columns and select the columns you want to add. That’s how easy it is; completed faster than a Google search!

Use Excel for what it does quickly and easily, and let Analytics Edge help with the rest.


Mike Sullivan
Founder, Analytics Edge