Do-it-Yourself Google Analytics Queries

Newsletter sent 2015-06-16.

Do-it-Yourself Google Analytics Queries

If you wish you had an Excel connector that worked like the Google Sheets add-on, but with the features of Analytics Edge, you won’t have long to wait. Coming soon to the Google Analytics Pro connector (only $50 / year) is a new Bulk Report wizard!

You control it all, with full access to all of the parameters! Use Excel formulas, copy columns, search and replace view id’s, modify filters, tweak date ranges. You can even make multi-view queries and pivot the results! All the power of the Pro connector with a spreadsheet interface.


There’s more! The wizard allows you to select which queries to run when you refresh the workbook, so you can create ‘batches’ of queries you want to run together.



Feature Set Incomplete

Most of the functionality has been built, but I would love to hear your wish list for the product before I finish it off. Analytics Edge products have been heavily influenced by user feedback, and here’s your chance: simply reply┬áto this email with any features you want to see!

Mike Sullivan
Founder, Analytics Edge