Never Stop Improving, Never Stop Learning

Newsletter sent 2015-07-28

Never Stop Improving, Never Stop Learning

Things change, and so does Analytics Edge: small improvements, big improvements, new features, updated API support. I am taking this opportunity to share a few things about the changes and highlight some of the capabilities you may not be aware of.

formatastableAnalytics Edge Core Add-in v2.9.0

Fixed a multi-workbook refresh problem. Did you know you could read data from a different workbook while running a refresh macro? This makes it possible to build a template report and run it against a list of different client accounts in another workbook!

Fixed a problem with Excel Table formattingDid you know that Analytics Edge add-ins will preserve the formatting of an Excel Table around your query results, even if the number of rows or columns changes when you refresh? Since you can’t have a Table with no data, the Core Add-in now detects this and leaves a single column (Column 1) and empty row to preserve the Table itself.

Fixed a problem with text formatting not being cleared on number and date columnsDid you know that Analytics Edge forces text columns to be formatted as text in Excel? That prevents part numbers and ID codes with leading zeros from being modified by Excel thinking they are numbers.

customsegmentGoogle Analytics Free Connector v1.21.4

Fixed custom dynamic segment definitionsDid you know you can now define any segment definition you want? Geek alert: you can build or modify the actual segment definition that will be sent to the API which means anything goes! You can even use an Excel cell reference, so you can modify the segment from your workbook!

savefilterGoogle Analytics Pro Connector v1.20.3

Fixed a problem with multi-line entries in segment and view filter definitionsDid you know that the Pro connector can copy filters to multiple views, accounts and even logins? If you manage multiple web properties, this is the easiest way to deploy updated spam filters or self-referral (IP address) filters!

queryquotaConstant Contact Connector v1.8.0

Improved quota error handlingDid you know that Analytics Edge automatically retries some queries before you ever see an error message? Internet API servers don’t always respond as expected, so the connector checks the response and tries again if the error is temporary.

queryquotaGoogle AdWords Connector v1.12.0 upgrade

Upgraded to 201505 API release. Did you know that Google updates their APIs from time to time? As they release new features in the web interface, they usually follow with an update to the API, providing new reports and new fields, and sometimes deprecating old ones (warning you they will remove them in a specific time period). This is why all Analytics Edge licenses include upgrades.

Added a Customers list. Did you know you can now get a full listing of the customer accounts that your AdWords MCC login has access to? This makes it easier to build automated reports for multiple accounts.

Added automatic sorting of columns. Did you know that all AdWords reports are now sorted automatically in ascending order, column by column? If you want the report sorted by date, just put the date column first in the report. Sort by date, then by campaign? Put the date column first, then the campaign column.

Fields are now consistent with the web interface. Did you know you don’t need to know the API field names any more? The connector now lets you pick from field names you know from the web interface and hides all that API silliness.

gamanagementGA Management Connector v0.5.0

Filters are now listed alphabetically. Did you know you can easily copy a filter into other accounts and views? This connector is still in alpha state, and it continues to evolve. Although the default license is 30 days, it will be extended if you ask. Portions of this connector formed the basis of the new Save Filter wizard now included in the Google Analytics Pro connector.


Analytics Edge products will continue to improve, tracking changes in the APIs and evolving to meet your report automation needs. That lets you focus on the results and learn more about what matters to your business.


Mike Sullivan
Founder, Analytics Edge