Windows 10 Upgrade and Google Search Analytics

Newsletter sent 2015-08-11.

Windows 10 Upgrade and Google Search Analytics

No, those two topics don’t have anything to do with each other, but I do want to mention something about each of them.

Windows 10 Upgrade and Analytics Edge Licenses

A number of people are electing to upgrade their computers to Microsoft Windows 10, and are discovering that Analytics Edge no longer works after the upgrade. The add-ins and connectors are licensed to your computer, and the upgrade changes the computer “signature” causing the licenses to be rejected.

To fix free products, you need to clear out the old licenses and reactivate the product. An upgrade to the Basic Add-in will do this for you:

Analytics Edge Basic Add-in v2.9.0

To fix paid products, contact to have your license codes reset after you have done the upgrade.


Google Search Analytics – New API, New Wizard

Google released a new API last week for the Google Search Console (previously called Webmaster Tools), and the Analytics Edge connector for Webmaster Tools has been updated already! The upgrade is available to all licensed users.

search-analytics-query-by-country-300With the new functionality, you can get a little more detail about your website performance in Google Search. I have published a new free report as an example:

Free Workbook: Search Queries by Country

Google Webmaster Tools Connector v3.0



Analytics Edge products continue to improve, incorporating changes in the APIs and evolving to meet your report automation needs. Feature requests are welcome!


Mike Sullivan
Founder, Analytics Edge