Exceed the Limits – More Than 999 Rows

Newsletter sent 2015-10-20.

Exceed the Limits – More Than 999 Rows

The new Google Search Console allows you to download 999 rows of search analytics data from the web interface, but you can get up to 5000 rows through the API, and that’s where Analytics Edge can simplify things. A collection of free reports, now updated for the new Search Analytics API, will get you started fast, without having to struggle with the technical stuff:


Analysis of search analytics can become very involved and specific to a website or business needs, and the Analytics Edge Core Add-in can provide a fast solution to your report automation needs. I help people with their reports every day, so don’t be afraid to ask.


Reminder: Sunset of Old Webmaster Tools Queries

After today, Google will no longer support the old Webmaster Tools CSV download scripts, which may affect reports you have built using the Analytics Edge connector for Webmaster Tools. A new release of the connector uses the Search Analytics API and appears on the ribbon bar as “Google Search”.  If you have queries using any of the old queries, now is the time to convert them.



Seeing (not set) in Google Analytics SEO reports?

Some people noticed the appearance of “(not set)” values in their Google Analytics online SEO reports and assume that Google has started to hide more queries. In fact, they have never given us all the queries and they are simply making that fact more obvious. I wrote an article to explain.


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Mike Sullivan
Founder, Analytics Edge