Google Search Console (a.k.a. Webmaster Tools)

Newsletter sent 2015-10-06.

Google Search Console (a.k.a. Webmaster Tools)

Google has changed the name of Webmaster Tools to Google Search Console, and Analytics Edge is changing too.


Around Oct. 20th, Google will no longer support the old Webmaster Tools CSV download scripts, which may affect reports you have built using the Analytics Edge connector for Webmaster Tools. A new release of the connector that uses the new Search Analytics API now appears on the ribbon bar as “Google Search”.  If you have queries using any of the old queries, now is the time to convert them.


I am going through the same process, updating all of the free reports available for the connector. As they are converted, I am renaming them for the Google Search connector.



Thank you for reporting errors

This might sound a little weird, but I want you to complain… Updates have been released for all of the connectors that should get rid of those annoying intermittent “key not present” errors. I would like to thank everyone that reported the error for assistance in tracking down the cause.


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Mike Sullivan
Founder, Analytics Edge