New Business Opportunities with Excel Automation

Newsletter sent 2015-12-01.

New Business Opportunities with Excel Automation

Have you ever considered what you could do with your expertise and a little bit of automation? Excel makes it easy to maintain lists of things, and Analytics Edge makes it easy to automate multiple steps — combine the two with a little bit of what you are good at, and open new possibilities for your business!


Case in Point: Spam Filter Service


I have been offering a Google Analytics Spam Filter Service for several months now, and recently introduced free spam filter updates for a year with the service. How can I offer it all for so little? Easy: automation. It mostly runs from a series of Excel workbooks, automated with the Analytics Edge Core Add-in and the Google Analytics Pro connector! I just add a little expertise.


spam-filter-service-automationAutomated Analysis + Expertise

The spam filter service is a repeatable process (as outlined in my Definitive Guide to Removing Google Analytics Spam), and a repeatable process can be automated. I built a ‘spam analysis’ workbook with all the queries necessary to identify valid hostnames and show the known and potential spam sources. I perform an expert review of the results, then push the commit button and POOF! the filters are installed. My time commitment is minimal, and my contribution is expertise.


Automated Monitoring + Expertise

Maintaining the list of spam sources is another process — an Analytics Edge macro is scheduled to run overnight (a great Core Add-in feature!), downloading and comparing the latest Google Analytics traffic sources for a large number of client websites. Sources appearing in multiple websites are filtered by lists of known spam and valid sources. The remaining ‘potential new spam sources’ are then classified by a quick expert review. I focus on changes, trends and patterns, not on manipulating volumes of data.


Automated Updates + Expertise

If a new spam source appears that requires a filter update, I can update another workbook with a new filter expression and then run yet another Analytics Edge macro (with the Google Analytics Pro connector’s Save Filter function) to update all my client accounts. I let the computer do the work and I stay focused on my business. Free filter updates are a tremendous value-add for my clients, and almost no work for me – Win-Win!


Bring Your Expertise to Light

What could a little automation do for you and your business? Analytics Edge provides the most cost-effective automation solution. Go ahead; don’t be afraid: run your business from a spreadsheet!


Mike Sullivan
Founder, Analytics Edge