Simple Multi-Site Reporting

Newsletter sent 2015-12-29.

Simple Multi-Site Reporting

A new release of the Analytics Edge Core Add-in now makes it even easier to build reports of multiple websites or campaigns.


simple-multisite-reportsBuild the Report

List all your sites or campaigns (your variables) in one worksheet, and feed that worksheet to a Repeat Macro to be processed, one row at a time. The Repeat Macro wizard now lets you automatically clear a target worksheet before it begins, letting you start with a clean slate every time.

Add a query for the site or campaign, but instead of selecting a specific site, refer to the column name from which to get the value (like ‘[siteUrl]’ or ‘[Campaign ID]’). The Core Add-in will automatically substitute the value from the row being processed.

If you want a column to identify which site or campaign the results belong to, use the Arrange function – Insert a column, and set the Initial text value to the same or another column name (like ‘[siteUrl]’ or ‘[Campaign Name]’).

Finally, append the results to your target worksheet using the new Append To Worksheet function. Analytics Edge will automatically align the columns or add new ones for you if the query results are different.


Run the Macro

Click the run button, and the Core Add-in will repeat the query, insert the new column, and append the results for each site or campaign in your list. 


Summaries, Comparisons, and Deeper Analysis

Use the same simple approach to create a Google Analytics website summary report. Or compare campaign performance in AdWords, Constant Contact or MailChimp. You can even grab your top landing pages from Google Analytics, and use that list to get the top Google Search queries for each page.

Analytics Edge lets you build sophisticated macros without programming.


Mike Sullivan
Founder, Analytics Edge