Unexpected Behaviour

Newsletter sent 2015-12-15.

Unexpected Behaviour

I pack a lot of functionality into some of the Analytics Edge wizards, and sometimes the controls interact in an unexpected and undesirable way. When people have trouble using the product because it doesn’t work the way they expect it, then something is wrong and I need to fix it.


The Google AdWords connector (v2.3.3) has just been updated to fix one of these scenarios. When creating a query, the interface auto-populates the Fields list with default values to save you the effort of finding and selecting them. Unfortunately that handy feature caused some unexpected resets back to default when editing an existing query. Sorry about that.



The Analytics Edge Core Add-in has also been updated (v2.18.0) to fix an inconsistency in how Excel tables are handled when refreshing reports. Now an existing Excel table will be removed unless you select the ‘Do not clear cell formatting‘ option.  Note that the Analytics Edge Basic Add-in will always preserve Excel tables, if they exist.

The Core Add-in upgrade also includes a new option to ignore email server certificate errors, as well as patches to the Schedule Manager for compatibility with Windows 10. It also includes a change to the Schedule Refresh wizard to detect an upgrade to Excel and allows you to automatically realign existing scheduled refreshes to the new version of Excel.



If you find Analytics Edge does something unexpected, let me know.


Mike Sullivan
Founder, Analytics Edge