Bringing It All Together

Newsletter sent 2016-01-12.

Bringing It All Together

main-topicsAnalytics Edge has been producing free reports and expert articles for over 2 years now, but those resources have been difficult to find. Everything has now been pulled together in the Analytics Edge Help Site.

Navigation has been consolidated on the home page, with Main Topics listed down the right hand side. When you select a topic, like ‘Google Analytics’, the menus will change to show grouping of Tutorials, Articles, Free Reports, and a Function reference.

I have also included a new Google Custom Search capability to make it even easier to find the content you are looking for. Of course, you can always ask in the support forum — typical response is same day.

Now that we have started calendar year 2016, I am also going back and refreshing some of the older resources, and this week saw updates to:

More updates, articles and tutorials are coming in 2016, so if there is something you need to know to help you with your reporting, let me know.

Mike Sullivan
Founder, Analytics Edge