Making License Management Easier

Newsletter sent 2016-01-26.

Making License Management Easier

I know that Analytics Edge licensing can be confusing for people — the add-ins and connectors are independently licensed with different license codes and expiry dates. Some are free and some use paid subscriptions. Today’s update for the Analytics Edge Core Add-in [coming soon to the Basic Add-in] centralizes all of the connector license management and provides proactive notification on the ribbon bar.


Selecting any connector entry in the list allows you to install available updates, enter new license keys, and uninstall expired connectors. You can even click a button to buy a renewal!


The Manage Connectors button on the ribbon bar now gives you a 15 day countdown before any connector license expires, as does the Check License button for the Add-in license. You will also see Update Available notices in the ribbon bar for the add-in and for individual connectors.



I want Analytics Edge products to make it easy for you to produce the reports you need, do it as quickly as possible, and with minimal effort. I will continue to evolve the products towards that goal. I hope you enjoy using them!


Mike Sullivan
Founder, Analytics Edge