New: Browser Size dimension, Facebook Ads connector

Newsletter sent 2016-02-09.

New: Browser Size dimension

There was an update to the Google Analytics API last week, and they made the new Browser Size dimension available. It is immediately available from both the Free and Pro versions of Google Analytics connectors for Analytics Edge.

Get it now: just click the Update button on the Fields tab (on the Views tab in older versions).

This new dimension lets you see the actual viewing size of the browser that is displaying your web content. It is shown, like the Screen Resolution dimension before it, as a text string in the format of height x width (e.g. 1140×780). The problem with this format is that there can be so many possible size combinations that a top-10 or even top-100 list would be almost impossible to interpret.

That’s where the power of the Analytics Edge Core Add-in comes in: using simple wizards, you can split the dimension into height and width, convert the text to numbers, and pivot the two dimensions to produce a useful visualization of the browser size for your website visitors.


Download the free workbook to see for yourself.


New: Facebook Ads connector

The portfolio of connectors for Analytics Edge continues to grow with the release of a Facebook Ads connector. Now you can easily get your Facebook advertising results into Excel alongside your website stats. As with all optional connectors, this one is free for 30 days and only $50/year with unlimited accounts and queries (subject to API limits). Get it now!


As with any Analytics Edge product, feedback is welcome and since this is an initial release, updates and improvements should be expected.


Mike Sullivan
Founder, Analytics Edge