Misunderstood Metrics and Other Free Resources

Newsletter sent 2016-03-08.

Misunderstood Metrics and Other Free Resources


Most people don’t realize that you shouldn’t mix Sessions with Pages in a custom report. Google will tell you it is a “valid combination”, but that doesn’t mean it is a valid metric. The reality is that they record the Session count against the first page in the session only. If you want to see how many sessions included a particular page, you need to use the Unique Pageviews metric.  This leads to a lot of confusion, and is one of the reasons that my Misunderstood Metrics: Sessions for Pages article is so popular.


Sessions for Pages confusion: Doesn’t every User have a Session?

This isn’t the only misunderstood metric in Google Analytics; did you know that bounces always have a Time on Page of zero, even if the users stayed on the page for 10 minutes? See why in the time on page, session duration article. Also check your understanding of unique events, next page path and what those numbers you see in the Frequency report mean.

Those and other helpful articles are provided on the Analytics Edge help site, under the Google Analytics section. Feel free to explore: tutorials, articles, and free reports are available for most of the products.


Mike Sullivan
Founder, Analytics Edge