Excel dashboard widgets made easier

Newsletter sent 2016-05-03.

Excel dashboard widgets made easier

Creating dashboards in Excel can be challenging if you start with only a rough idea and just start pulling in data. Here’s some helpful guidance: a little bit of planning will save you a lot of effort later on. I posted a new article “Creating an Excel Dashboard Widget” to show you how to quickly make those little key metric widgets you find on most dashboards.


In the article, I reinforce the need for planning because of Excel’s rigid grid structure, identify the usual elements of a good widget, and how to quickly grab all the data you need to populate one. I even show you the simple formulas used to calculate percentage change, and outline some Excel formatting tips to make the important data stand out.

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Free Workbook: Google Analytics Tabular Summary Report

If you are using the Analytics Edge Core Add-in, you’ll enjoy the latest free report I just posted. It delivers a full 12-month view into all of your website’s key metrics, from sessions and users to conversions and revenue.


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As always, if you have suggestions or feedback on how the product can be made better, or what articles or free reports you would like to see, I would love to hear from you.


Mike Sullivan
Founder, Analytics Edge


Awesome! This tool is a unique utility when mounting large data structures coming from Google Analytics. Recommended to all my colleagues. — E.S.
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