Getting Google Analytics Certified

Newsletter sent 2016-05-20.

Getting Google Analytics Certified

I have worked with Google Analytics for many years, but just recently went through the process to get my Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) certificate. I used a review of the Jeffalytics ‘Google Analytics Complete Course‘ to spur me into action, and I have to say that the course made the process easy. This is the first third-party paid product I have openly recommended to my community of users.

I have a lot of respect for Jeff Sauer, and the work he does and the information he shares (sign up for his newsletter from his website). His period table of Google Analytics is a massive collection of everything you ever wanted to know about GA, and his (free) video series is something you should check out.


More Help Is On The Way

The dashboard widget article from last month is the start of a new series of articles that will help you to build professional looking reports in Excel. Client templates, pretty charts, improved layouts — all with the Analytics Edge approach: make ’em fast and easy.

If you have reporting challenges that you would like some help with, drop me a note (simply reply to this email) and I will be sure to address it in one of the articles.


Mike Sullivan
Founder, Analytics Edge


This app is very comprehensive and feature rich. What makes it superior is the consistent, frequent enhancements (upgrades) and timely, accurate support. Very highly recommended. — A.R.
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