Important Connector Updates; Google Analytics Spam

Newsletter sent 2016-05-31.

Important Connector Updates; Google Analytics Spam

I update the Analytics Edge connectors frequently to keep in alignment with the various API services, add new features, and fix any bugs that may appear. If you are using the Google AdWords connector, you need to stay current with the latest release for two reasons:

  • Google is releasing updates to the API every 2 months now, with new fields and report options
  • Google is sunsetting (shutting down) older versions of their API faster

Yesterday, I released an update to the Google AdWords connector (v2.6.0), supporting the latest version of the AdWords API. If you have not upgraded recently, you should do it now – connectors previous to v2.5.0 (released April 26) will stop working on June 21st.


Upgrading Connectors

Analytics Edge was designed to make it easy to upgrade connectors — you do it from right inside Excel. With the Analytics Edge Core Add-in, open the Manage Connectors wizard, click the entry for the connector to be updated, and click the Install button. Restart Excel to load the updated connector.



With the Analytics Edge Basic Add-in, click the button for the specific connector on the ribbon bar, select the !Upgrade Available menu item, and click the Install button. Restart Excel to load the updated connector.



If the updated connector does not appear, then restart your computer — sometimes Windows has processes that prevent Excel from fully reloading, and a restart clears those locks. To find out what version of connector you have installed, hover the mouse over the connector button on the ribbon bar — after a second or two, a popup will appear showing the release number.



google-analytics-spam-201605Google Analytics Spam Update

Even though Google is actively fighting against spam on their platform, the last couple of months have seen increasing volume of the fake referrals in many Analytics properties. If you are bothered by these annoying entries, you can eliminate them by following the instructions in my Definitive Guide to Removing All Google Analytics Spam article.

If you have already installed spam filters, great! I monitor several hundred accounts daily, and while a valid hostname filter remains effective against the bulk of the ghost spam, some spam crawlers use techniques that would bypass it. The article lists the (currently) three filter expressions that will get rid of all of the known spam crawlers. Note that the crawler filter expressions were updated on 2016-05-27.


Mike Sullivan
Founder, Analytics Edge


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