What Happened to My Organic Search Traffic?

Newsletter sent 2016-06-14.

What Happened to My Organic Search Traffic?

Many organizations rely on Google, Bing or other search engines to drive traffic to their websites. When that traffic goes up or down, the questions begin and you need to start digging for an answer. I posted a new free report yesterday to help answer some of those questions.

Adapted from work done by Joe Kelly of Workshop Digital, the report slices and dices your organic search traffic by cities, landing pages, channels, device types and user types as well as providing a month-by-month comparison back to 2013. Joe even included a little table at the bottom highlighting the likelihood that your site is suffering from some common problems.

WTF Happened to My Search Traffic

Get the workbook!

You can download the workbook and refresh the data for your site using either Analytics Edge Add-in (Basic or Core). You just need to enter the Google Analytics view ID in the box at the top of the report.


Easily Keep More Than 90 Days of Search Traffic

If you really want to know what is driving traffic to your site, you must look at your Google Search Console data — it shows the actual search queries, landing pages and average position where your site ranked in Google’s search results. Since that data is only available for the last 90 days, I made a simple report that will capture your site’s details and store it on a weekly or monthly basis — automation courtesy of the Analytics Edge Core Add-in and the Google Search connector.


Get the workbook!

Don’t miss the product updates to the Google Search connector below — the good stuff just keeps getting better!


Mike Sullivan
Founder, Analytics Edge


“Analytics Edge has been a life saver. It has enabled my team of Digital Marketing Specialists to create reporting tools that usually cost thousands a month to use. (Domo, Adobe, etc.) We have the expertise and skill to interpret and manipulate data but have lacked the means to pull data directly from specific platforms. Analytics Edge has solved this problem and has saved us thousands in the process. – Jordon”
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