You Did What??? Big Data from a Little Product

Newsletter sent 2016-07-12.

You Did What??? Big Data from a Little Product

One Analytics Edge user pushed the product to its limits this week, aided by a couple of tweaks I made, and they reported back: using the Google Analytics Pro connector with the CSV file download option, they extracted 27 million rows of minute-by-minute page navigation data covering a 10 month period. The connector pulled data for 2 hours and 40 minutes straight, and leveraged the ‘minimize sampling’ option resulting in automatic separate queries for each day in the date range. Nice…


Google Analytics Filtering By Cell Reference

By popular request, I have added a cell reference capability to the Google Analytics connector Filter tab, allowing you to specify API-ready filter expressions in worksheet cells. Both Free and Pro connectors have it!



Spam Crawler Filter Update

If you are managing your own Google Analytics spam filters, note that I have updated my filters expressions to include a new spam crawler that is making the rounds. See the Definitive Guide to Remove All Google Analytics Spam article for details. / referral spam crawler


Facebook Ads Connector Update

Just released: v2.0 of the Facebook Ads connector now closely matches the Facebook Ads Manager reporting capabilities, including all the metric names, breakdowns, filtering, and even attribution window options. If you are advertising in Facebook, this is the reporting option you want!



Mike Sullivan
Founder, Analytics Edge


“Time saver! Excellent tool, time-saver. And is not limited in number of lines as in GA exports. — olivier.delamper”
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