Understanding the Path to Conversion

Newsletter sent 2016-07-26.

Understanding the Path to Conversion

Google quietly released an update to the Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnel API that adds new functionality you don’t see in the web interface (yet): the ability to get the full, multi-session, multi-source path to conversion for individual ecommerce transactions. For the first time, you can now get a report showing all* of the visits a user made to your site before clicking the Buy button!


*All of the visits they made from the same browser/device they used for the purchase (30-day lookback).

Using the updated Google Analytics Pro connector from Analytics Edge (download), you can now include the Transaction ID in your report, producing a line-by-line detail of your sales and the various paths that your customers took before they purchased.

In the example shown above, the customer took 15 days to decide to purchase, and made 11 visits to the website, which included:

  • several Google searches (“google / organic“)
  • several clicks from Google+ posts (“plus.google.com / referral“)
  • a newsletter (“AnalyticsEdge Newsletter 20160614 / email“)
  • before clicking the Help button in the product (“help / aeCore“)
  • then they made a purchase

Since I have the Transaction ID, I can cross reference to the details of who they actually are and what they bought. Such a powerful addition to Google Analytics, hidden in an API update.

Available now from the Google Analytics Pro connector, affordably priced at only $50/year.


Mike Sullivan
Founder, Analytics Edge


Simple, Free, Without Limitations! Perfect for automating data extraction and minimize sampling from Google Analytics data! — Franchito
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