Google Search Analysis; Facebook URL Share Counts

Newsletter sent 2016-08-23

Google Search Analysis

There was a great article by Glenn Gabe on Search Engine Land about using the Analytics Edge connector for Google Search to download the search analytics data for all of your landing pages; well beyond the 1,000 available from the Google Search Console itself. If you haven’t played around with the Google Search connector yet, you should read the article to see what you are missing!


Downloading data is just the first step of any meaningful analysis, and Analytics Edge has the tools to help. If you want to explore the possibilities for more advanced analysis, check out the Long-Tail Keyword Analysis advanced example that explores techniques like:

  • using a setup worksheet
  • using regular expressions in search and replace
  • splitting phrases into multiple rows
  • using custom VBA functions
  • merging results into an existing report

All of this is made possible with the functions in the Analytics Edge Core Add-in, and refreshes are a simple click.



Facebook URL Share Counts

On August 7th, Facebook shut down their old REST API that everyone used to get URL Share Counts. Like Twitter before them, they turned off the public API used by many utilities to obtain social share counts. The Free Social Shares connector from Analytics Edge was one of those utilities, and sadly this function has stopped working.

One alternative that is still supported requires a valid Facebook login, so I have added a new URL Shares query capability to the Facebook Connector since it already supported the Facebook account login. The metrics are slightly different (Facebook has implied they are more accurate), and the documentation is sparse, so I have made all 5 numbers available so you can determine which is best for your needs. These may be simplified over time as their usefulness and accuracy is validated.



Mike Sullivan
Owner, Analytics Edge