Google Analytics Referral Spam Update

Newsletter sent 2016-08-23.

Google Analytics Referral Spam Update

If you haven’t been watching, that annoying referral spam in your Google Analytics reports has shifted again — this time to landing pages and organic search keywords. The latest culprits: keyword and page / There is also the persistent presence of referrals from¬† and, as well as the rotating compliance-[name].top and scanner-[name].top. Over 80 sources in the past month alone!

The solution: a single valid hostname filter would eliminate them all! 

Yes, there are a handful of spam crawlers that will still need to be filtered out, but they are easily managed and don’t require daily attention. See the full solution in my Definitive Guide to Removing All Google Analytics Spam.




Facebook Posts

As reported last time, in response to the loss of the public Facebook share counts, I added that functionality to the Facebook connector. I have since also added the ability to download more detail about the latest posts (limited to the most recent 1,000) in your page’s feed.

Get the latest update of the Facebook Connector for this new functionality.


Mike Sullivan
Owner, Analytics Edge


Product Updates

Analytics Edge Core Add-in v2.23.3
2016-08-24 – Fixed a problem where hidden worksheet did not appear in several wizard selectors.

Facebook Connector v1.10.0
2016-08-24 – Added Page Posts query capability