You can do that in Excel?

Newsletter sent 2016-10-04.

You can do that in Excel?

With Analytics Edge, you can get your data into Excel quickly and easily, but that just gets you started. When you build reports in Excel, you also need to make it look good and provide meaning and insight to the people that receive it. Microsoft Excel provides a few quick reporting aids, but you can waste a lot of time playing with features. Here are a few resources you can use to vastly improve your reports.


Before you get caught up in the technology, figure out what message you are trying to convey. Lea Pica provides some excellent guidance in this area, and I strongly recommend you spend some time reading her blog and listening to the podcasts.

Annie Cushing’s focus is more specific: presenting Google Analytics data in Excel (“Making Data Sexy“). In her blog, she provides a wealth of tips and tricks to improve your reports, and pulls it all together in an online dashboard course (for a fee).

Chandoo’s blog will open your eyes to the real capabilities of Excel, and contains an amazing amount of (free) content. I should caution you to set a limit on the amount of time you want to spend building your reports — it is easy to get caught up in the technology; he makes it all look so appealing!

If you really want to explore the fringe of Excel’s limits, the Frankens Team provides a resource unlike any other. They seem to be on a mission to prove that you can do almost anything with Excel, even though (maybe) it shouldn’t be…

Did you know that I give away a bunch of free reports? Yup…free. Some of them are even ready to be rebranded and used as your own. If you click into the Main Topics on the help page, you will also find a number of how-to articles.