AdWords Connector Update; MailChimp Breaking Change

Newsletter sent 2016-11-29

AdWords Connector Update; MailChimp Breaking Change

This week I have a couple of updates for you — a minor one for the AdWords connector, updating the filter operators, and a major breaking change for the MailChimp connector.

Google AdWords Filter Operators

When building a filter for your AdWords query, if you try to filter on a Label or Label ID, you would get stymied — the API restricts the filters to the Label ID, and only with CONTAINS_ALL, CONTAINS_ANY or CONTAINS_NONE comparison operators, none of which were available in the connector. With this update, they get added.

Note that to use any of these operators, your expression needs to be quoted and comma separated, so if you wanted Label ID 123456 and 123457, you would enter the expression as “123456”,”123457″.

MailChimp Connector Breaking Change

There’s a new MailChimp API (v3.0), and the old one is being shut down at the end of the year. I waited as long as I could to let some of the quirks get ironed out, but the time has come to make the switch (before Dec 31st!). The problem is that this is a major update – a whole new API that works differently from the old one, so there has been no attempt to maintain backward compatibility. Even the account login has changed!

That means your MailChimp reports will need to be rebuilt.

If you need assistance with the switch over, let me know. Most of the data you had before is still there, but it may be in a  different report with a different column name. One thing I am sure you will notice Рthe API is not very fast, and that becomes apparent when downloading large lists or activity reports.

Connector Update Instructions


Mike Sullivan
Owner, Analytics Edge


Product Updates

Google AdWords Connector v2.9.0
2016-11-28 Added new comparison operators to the filter

MailChimp Connector v3.0.0
216-11-29 BREAKING CHANGE new API implementation