Google Analytics spam from

2017-10-31 fake visits in Google Analytics from; fake bing/organic visits using keyword ‘amazon’; started late September, still running…

Recommended filter:

Spam FilterCustom > Exclude > ISP Domain

I saw indications of a problem last week when I noticed a number of visits to different websites with a common signature: an organic search (Bing) with a common keyword of “amazon”. Now I know amazon is a common name and all, but how many web sites would appear in Bing search if you looked for “amazon”?  Not the ones I was seeing…and not all at once.

Digging deeper, I noticed that not only were all these visits from the same browser (Internet Explorer 8, a bad sign) and the same city (San Jose), they were also from the same Network Domain:


The only reason I can think of is that someone got a little over zealous and thought they’d try a new marketing technique. Maybe it is a competitor.

From my perspective, I don’t care who or why…they are fake visits, so I add a filter for them and call foul!

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