Designed for Enterprise Use

The free Analytics Edge Basic Add-in and Free Google Analytics Connector are production-ready, enterprise-grade applications. They are not limited or stripped-back versions like typical”freemium” businesses offer.

They feature unlimited use, support unlimited accounts, and if all you want to do is download your Google Analytics data, they will exceed your needs and save you large amounts of both time and money.

How can I do this? Analytics Edge is installed software, and does not use a server to process your queries like most other solutions do. All your queries go direct from your computer to the Google Analytics API. I have no overhead. I also have a soft spot for that poor smuck that suffers daily, producing mind-numbing reports in Microsoft Excel because they can’t find a solution that is inexpensive enough to help, and the alternative is to learn how to program, a barbaric practice created by a prior generation (of which I am a member).