Simple SEO Report Automation

Ever since Google switched to “(not provided)” keywords in Google Analytics, we’ve been forced to look to Google Webmaster Tools (now called Google Search Console) to see how our pages are ranking in search, and what search terms they are ranking for. The new Google Search Console interface allows you to see your top ranking pages, and it lets you dig into each one to see the queries behind those searches, but the interface requires a lot of clicking to extract useful information.

With the new Google Search (WebmasterTools) connector, Analytics Edge has access to all of that data, so I whipped up a short, 5 minute video to show how easy it can be to automate a sequence of queries to download not just the Top Pages, but also the Top Queries that each of those pages is ranking for.


Simplifying Excel Macros

Simple report automation in Microsoft Excel is more than just downloading data, and that is why the Analytics Edge Core Add-in offers so many functions. It makes it easy to get the data you need from what is available. Even for seasoned programmers, the Analytics Edge wizards are so much faster to use. Automatically record the steps you take to get the data in the format you need. Programming capabilities without programming; no code, no formulas.

It is so fast, and so easy, that I’ll even help you – often for free! Don’t be afraid to ask.