Analytics Edge for MacOS

2022-08-22 update: coming this fall!

A number of people have been searching for an Apple MacOS version of the Analytics Edge add-ins, but that does not exist…yet. It is possible to run the existing Windows/Excel add-ins on a Mac using products like Parallels, but you will also need a copy of Microsoft Windows and a Windows version of Excel.

A native version for the Mac has been under development for a couple of years, as is a version for users of Google Sheets and Excel Online. Only recently has the technology gotten to the point that I can effectively support another platform. Note that while I am striving to maintain functional compatibility with the Windows/Excel version, there are technical challenges that may result in slower performance.

Also note that all Analytics Edge products are, and will continue to be, installed and run on your computer, not on a shared server farm. I believe this is the most cost-effective approach for what is essentially a simple automation task — downloading some data to a spreadsheet.


Mike Sullivan