Google Analytics Pro Connector Update

The Google Analytics Pro connector from Analytics Edge has been updated (v3.0.1) to use the GA v4 API, and the Bulk Queries wizard has been cleaned up.

ACTION REQUIRED: when you update, you may be prompted to refresh the account credentials on your system. Open the Accounts wizard and click on each entry — a login wizard will pop open if a refresh is required.

How to upgrade connectors

More Rows Per Query. The new API allows for larger downloads with fewer queries (100k rows per query), which should help people with large data extractions. Analytics Edge uses multiple queries to get all your data, so this may appear transparent to you, but it should reduce the number of times people hit API quota limits for too many queries.

Unsampled Data for GA 360 Customers. A new checkbox on the Options tab allows GA 360 customers to leverage Resource Quotas to get unsampled data.

Improved Bulk Queries Wizard. The Bulk Queries wizard has been updated to reflect most of the features available in the Analytics Reporting wizard. You may also notice that the interface is easier to use, and a dedicated query worksheet will be created automatically for you if required.

Minimize Sampling Option Speed Improvements. If you use the option to minimize sampling, the connector will issue multiple queries to the API for every date period in the query. In this release, several of these queries are queued up together to make it significantly faster.

Date Range Improvements. Addressing a surprisingly common user error, if you enter the dates backwards (end date before the start date), the connector will automatically flip them for you.  The update also fixes some cell reference problems that some people have experienced.

Account Not Found. With this release, if the query references and account not found on the computer, the Accounts wizard will pop open to log you in (usually happens when people share workbooks with colleagues).

Automatic Login Refresh. This release may require refreshing the existing logins to gain access to the new API and its features, or to gain elevated privileges for some operations. If this occurs, the Accounts wizard will pop open to walk you through the refresh.