Connector for Google Analytics (Free and Pro) Update

New releases of the Analytics Edge connectors for Google Analytics (Free v3.1 and Pro v4.1) are available.

Note that this update is necessary due to changes in the Google Oauth authentication. If you do not upgrade, you may get an ‘untrusted’ or ‘redirect_uri_mismatch’ message when you try adding a new account or when your account security token refreshes.

How to Update Analytics Edge Connectors [There are also updates for all three add-ins, Basic, Standard and Core]

After the upgrade, you will be REQUIRED to re-authorize all of your saved account entries. This can be done from the Analytics Edge ribbon > Google Analytics > Accounts wizard. Simply select each of your existing account entries in turn — a browser window should appear prompting you to login for each account. Complete the login and re-authorization.

Refreshing your workbooks before performing this step will likely result in login popups appearing anyways. By selecting all of your saved accounts in the Accounts wizard, you avoid a seldom-used account from forcing a login when you are unprepared.

To force the refresh of any login, you can also select the entry and click the Refresh Login button.