Connector for Google Analytics (Free and Pro) Update

2020-01-08 New releases of the Analytics Edge connectors for Google Analytics (Free 4.4 and Pro v4.7).

How to Update Analytics Edge Connectors

Fixes problems with !Error(gf): Object reference not set

Your MUST re-authorize all of your saved account entries. This can be done from the Analytics Edge ribbon > Google Analytics > Accounts wizard. Simply select each of your existing account entries in turn — a browser window should appear prompting you to login for each account. Complete the login and re-authorization.

Refreshing your workbooks before performing this step will likely result in login popups appearing anyways. By selecting all of your saved accounts in the Accounts wizard, you avoid a seldom-used account from forcing a login when you are unprepared.

To force the refresh of any login, you can also select the entry and click the Refresh Login button.