Important Announcement: Product and Price Changes

To simplify the user experience when switching between products, the Analytics Edge Basic Add-in and Analytics Edge Standard Add-in have been merged into the Analytics Edge Core Add-in. Backward compatibility has been maintained. Version 7 of the Core Add-in sets the stage for new capabilities and additional connectors to come in 2020. There was a modest price increase for the Core Add-in, effective Jan. 25, 2020, but licenses purchased before that date can be renewed at the previous rate.

1. Only One Add-in, With Premium Or Free License

The Analytics Edge Add-ins for Excel (Core, Standard and Basic) are being merged into a single add-in that will retain full compatibility with the legacy add-ins. The new Add-in will operate with either a Free license (equivalent to the Basic Add-in) or a Premium license (equivalent to the Core Add-in). This change is being made to simplify the transition between free and premium operation, while eliminating the problems inherent with Excel’s add-in management. Compatibility with the Standard Add-in is also supported for existing users, but new licenses will no longer be offered. No changes are required to your workbooks or saved queries – the new add-in provides complete backward compatibility.

2. Modest Add-in Price Change

Effective Jan. 25th, 2020, the Analytics Edge Add-in for Excel v7 annual premium license (equivalent to the Core Add-in) will be $99 USD per year. I have worked hard to keep the price of Analytics Edge products to an affordable level for small businesses and agencies, as well as individuals in larger cost-conscious companies. This modest increase of $2/month maintains Analytics Edge as the most cost-effective reporting solution for web analytics, SEO and PPC. There are still no account limits, no query limits, no download limits (subject to API capabilities), and no faster way to automate your Excel reports.

There are no changes to the cost of premium connector licenses (still only $50/year).

Existing customers (license purchases made before the price increase takes effect) will have the ability to renew their licenses at the original prices.

The new add-in will be available in early January, and you can upgrade when it is convenient to you (after your year-end reporting). If you have questions or concerns, feel free to email me directly.