Version 7+: Keep It Up-To-Date

First of all, thank you for being a customer of Analytics Edge, even if you only use the free licenses. My goal with the business is to help people automate their reporting, so your continued use is really important to me.

Starting with version 7 of the Analytics Edge Core Add-in, I am staging for some new products to come in 2020. It merges the three previous add-ins into one to simplify the process of trying to decide free or paid. It also introduces some new technology, which required a significant rewrite of a lot of the code. I know transitions are never easy, so I have tried to maintain as much compatibility with previous versions as possible — not easy with a 5-year, 3-product stream portfolio.


If you have already installed a copy of the Core Add-in, version 7 or higher, make sure to pay attention to the ribbon bar — the License button will change to notify you of new updates. A number of updates have been posted to fix things that customers have experienced: licensing problems, migration problems, usability problems…but with each release it is getting closer to 100% trouble-free, which is my goal.

Google Analytics Changes

At almost the same time, Google decided to change their authentication policy, forcing an update to the Google Analytics connectors. The switch has also had it challenges, but I am trying to make the products as intuitive and automatic as possible. Updates are pushed out quickly when problems are identified.

If You Experience Problems…

If you see an update, I strongly recommend you install it — just run the installer; there is no need to uninstall the previous version.

At the end of the day, the add-in runs inside Excel which is running on a Windows computer; both of those have their quirks, and one of them is locking files that need to be updated. That is why most troubleshooting guides suggest you should reboot your computer first. If that fails, DO NOT HESITATE in letting me know about your problem, either in the support forum or via email. I will respond and try to get you going again as quickly as possible. Since I am in the North American Eastern time zone, if you are asking for help outside my waking hours, please include as much detail as possible (via email) about what you did and any errors you received.


Mike Sullivan