Download Google Search Analytics Data FAST!

SEO reporting just got a lot easier: the Analytics Edge connector for Google Search is now faster than ever! Parallel downloads and processing gets you all your data as quickly as possible, automatically running multiple queries to download more than 1000 rows, more than 5000 rows, more than 25000 rows — you can even download more data than Excel can handle (over 1 million rows)!

All that data can be overwhelming as a simple list, so the connector goes one step further and lets you pivot the data by your chosen metrics, or by the week, month, device, type, page, query, country or search appearance.

And the best part? The Analytics Edge connector for Google Search is only $50 USD/year with no account or query limits! Yes, that’s right — as many different accounts as you want, with no limit to the number of queries you want to make (subject to API quotas, which are really high). The queries go direct from your computer to Google’s API server, so there’s nothing in the way to slow them down, and no worries about data privacy.

Report Automation

The connector is one of many available for the Analytics Edge Core Add-in for Microsoft Excel. The add-in lets you automate your report refreshes, eliminating the tedious weekly or monthly report cycle of downloading data into a spreadsheet. The premium add-in license features of the add-in let you automate the analytics transformations  with no-programming — using wizard-based step-by-step macros to download, combine, convert and calculate the numbers you need for your report. You can even schedule refreshes for automatic daily, weekly or monthly reporting.

Get started with Analytics Edge today! Download your free 30-day trial now!

Microsoft Windows PC with Microsoft Excel 2013 or higher.