Analytics Edge Version 9 Released

The latest release of the Analytics Edge Core Add-in for Microsoft Excel is out — now with full support for high-definition monitors! No more squinting to see tiny fonts or tweaking resolution settings that degrade the clarity of your screen.

Upgrading to version 9 is easy — just run the installer! No need to uninstall the previous version. To get the full experience, make sure to update all of the Analytics Edge connectors you have installed as well!

New In Version 9

A number of enhancements have been made to the Core Add-in, the most noticeable for current users is the adoption of the Windows-standard OK-Cancel button convention in the wizards. All of the function wizards in the Core Add-in also support smart resizing that adjusts to show more content space when you need it.

There are also new layouts for the Convert and Calculate wizards to make them easier to use.

You may also notice a more consistent offering of aggregations available between the various functions, allowing First, Last, Average, Median, Maximum, Minimum and Count aggregations as appropriate.

Reading and writing to Google Sheets has been improved, with date column detection and faster network access.

For VBA programmers, you can now trigger a “RefreshAll” macro to refresh all queries and macros in the workbook.

And for the ultimate in workflow automation, your Analytics Edge macro can now run Windows commands, letting you perform command line operations before you import data from files, or to send the results to another system.