Update Required by Jan 4, 2021

Analytics Edge Connectors for Google AdWords and Google Search Connectors

Updated 2020-12-22 – NEW RELEASES AVAILABLE

Google will discontinue support for sign-ins to Google accounts from embedded browser frameworks, starting January 4, 2021. Older versions of the Google AdWords connector and Google Search connector use an embedded browser in the login process.

The latest releases (2020-12-22) use a new type of authentication as required by Google. After updating the connectors, open the Accounts wizard and click through each of your saved accounts to refresh the logins. If a browser window does not appear automatically for each entry, click the Refresh Login button.

Upgrading a Connector

Google AdWords connector v2.22.0 and higher

Google Search connector v4.9.0 and higher

Also Google Analytics Free and Pro connectors v4.x and higher