Analytics Edge Notices

When a notice is posted, a button appears on the right side of the Analytics Edge ribbon in Excel. It may remain on the ribbon for a few weeks.

2021-01-05 Google Analytics Timeouts: FIXED 2021-01-12

The Google Analytics Free connector continues to be modified to try to better handle timeout problems with the GA API server while Google works on a fix. The most recent update (4.18.3) will retry the query 3 times if needed, but it may cause Excel to hang for periods of up to 20 minutes while it waits for the API server to respond [some people have noted that they got responses after 9-10 minutes].

2020-12-22 Connector Updates Required

Applies to all Google connectors: AdWords, Search and Analytics

Google has discontinued support for an old method of authentication (effective Jan 4, 2021). The latest release (2020-12-22) uses a new type of authentication as required by Google. After updating the connector, open the Accounts wizard and click through each of your saved accounts to refresh the logins. If a browser window does not appear automatically for each entry, click the Refresh Login button.

Google AdWords connector v2.22.0 and higher
Google Search connector v4.9.0 and higher
Google Analytics Free and Pro connectors v4.x and higher