Google Analytics Timeouts

UPDATE: As of 2021-01-12, this problem at Google appears to be fixed.

Google has confirmed there is a problem with the Google Analytics Reporting API v3, used by the Analytics Edge ‘Google Analytics Free’ connector.  After several iterations, the latest release (2021-01-04, v4-18-2) has been optimized to retry the query a couple of times to ensure you get the data you need. Upgrade instructions:

During operation, the first timeout threshold is under 2 5 minutes, the second attempt will wait 5 20 minutes, and the third will wait 10 20 minutes. DURING THIS TIME, IT WILL APPEAR THAT EXCEL IS FROZEN – it is not frozen…it is just waiting for a response from the API.

Early data suggest less than 10% of the queries will require the third retry, so it is worth waiting the additional minutes for the response.