Google Analytics Connector Updates

A new dimension and metric update was made in v4.23.0 of the Google Analytics Pro Connector for GA 4 Reporting queries.

Effective 2021-03-22, Google deprecated the ‘eventRevenue’ metric in the Data API v1alpha,¬†and changed the ‘pagePath’ dimension to ‘pagePathPlusQueryString’, deprecating the old field name.

The v4.23.0 update includes these change and will automatically check for deprecated field names, converting them to the new field during the query — your existing reports will continue running without needing to change!

This release will also automatically update the available fields every 2 weeks, but you can manually check for updates on the Fields tab (Update button).

The new release also includes some metrics that exist in the web interface but need to be calculated in the API, including:

  • Average engagement time per session¬† (userEngagementDuration/sessions)
  • Average engagement time per user (userEngagementDuration/totalUsers)
  • Average engagement time per view (userEngagementDuration/screenPageViews)
  • Average product revenue (itemRevenue/itemPurchaseQuantity)
  • Average purchase revenue per user (purchaseRevenue/totalUsers)
  • Engaged sessions per user (engagedSessions/totalUsers)
  • Views per user (screenPageViews/totalUsers)

Some of these new calculated fields have been added to some of the pre-programmed reports.

The connector is available now, and can be installed via the Analytics Edge License wizard.

3.2 Upgrading Connectors