Analytics Edge Core Add-in Version 10 Release

The latest release of the Analytics Edge Core Add-in (version 10) involved a large number of changes to the underlying code which have resulted in a number of  bugs that are being fixed as they surface. If you have installed version 10 and if you see the License UPDATE button, please install the latest release and avoid any problems with your reports.

Analytics Edge Functions Readily Available

The power of many of the wizard-based Analytics Edge functions are now exposed for one time ‘Interactive’ transformations. Need to convert a few columns from Text to Numbers? Just set Interactive mode, then select Column>Convert, pick your options and Overwrite the original data or write it to a New Sheet. No need to start a macro for a one-time operation!


It might be time to [re-]discover the capabilities of the Analytics Edge functions. I suggest you explore:

  • using Table>Group to add categories to your data (like branded/unbranded)
  • using Table>Pivot to make a quick pivot of your data that is not locked into an Excel PivotTable
  • using Column>Split to split the values in a column into multiple rows
  • using Column>Convert to change a column from Text to Numbers

Adding An ‘If’ Capability

For all the programmers out there, the Run Macro/Command function has morphed into a Run… If… function. Now you can run another macro (or call a VBA function, or run a Windows command) only if certain conditions exist in the data. Now you can send a report by email only if there is something to report about!

Insert A Column Of Row Numbers

Sometimes you just need a column of row numbers to lock-in the order that things appeared in. Now you can – Table>Arrange>Insert a Row Number…

Add Comments To Macro Functions

When you write macros it is easy to forget why you added specific functions, and while Analytics Edge has a Comment function, it wasn’t the easiest to use. Now you can simply add footnotes to your functions — there is a ‘Notes’ field at the bottom of many of the function wizards so you can quickly type in a reminder as you go.

Available Now…

All of this is available for download now — free for 30 days for new users without a credit card.

Download Analytics Edge