Google AdWords-to-Ads Migration Time

The Google AdWords API is shutting down April 27, 2022, so you have until then to migrate any reports you may have that rely on the old API. The Analytics Edge connector for Google Ads supports both the old AdWords API and the new Ads API, and with version 3.5 now includes a semi-automated conversion function.

When you edit an existing AdWords Report query, you can try converting it to an Ads Report query. Most of the common reporting selections will convert without problem, but some filter expressions may need to be reconstructed in the new Ads Report wizard. If you run into problems, the Ads Report can be converted back into the original AdWords Report.

The conversion process is manual at this time (it requires you to edit and convert each query) to give everyone an opportunity to try it out. At some point before the deadline, the connector will be changed to make the conversion automatic. Note that some fields and report types do not map between the APIs, so they may simply stop working. The old AdWords API already does not support some of the new features and ad types, so you should be adopting the new API for most reporting anyways.

The update is available through the Analytics Edge Core Add-in’s license wizard.