Free Google Analytics Connector: end of life notice

Google has announced that Universal Analytics, a.k.a. Google Analytics, will stop processing new hits as of July 1, 2023. All users are urged to start switching to the new Google Analytics 4 (or something else). It is recommended that you run them both in parallel for a period of time, collecting data in both and working to shift your reporting over as soon as you can. Since the two data collection approaches are different, expect there to be a period of confusion and reconfiguration to get the new system collecting and reporting the information you need.

Analytics Edge already supports Google Analytics 4 in the existing Google Analytics Pro connector. The connector is available for only $50/year/computer (that’s about $4/month) for unlimited accounts and queries (subject to API limits).

The Free Google Analytics connector only supports the old Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) API, will be discontinued in late 2023. There will no longer be a free connector available.