New Releases: Add-in v11.5 / Desktop App v1.5

The Analytics Edge Add-in for Excel and the Analytics Edge Desktop App now share about 95% of their code, bringing simple spreadsheet automation to Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets, on Windows and MacOS. The Add-in for Excel (Windows) provides a faster, more integrated solution, but the products share most of the same automation and analysis capabilities. Although there are a few connectors yet to be updated, most of the wizards have been updated to a new, modern interface.

The focus of the Add-in redesign has been to provide more consistency between connector wizards while maintaining access to the unique options of the APIs they access. Behind the new interface, the code has been completely updated to the latest technology which sets the stage for future development work. Both products are designed to run on your computer, which does all the work of managing accounts, making API calls, and processing the results. This approach keeps the costs down and avoids the need for any kind of usage fee. It also provides you with control over your accounts and data.

Available now to download, with an automatic 30-day free trial for new users. Read more…