Analytics Edge Desktop App

Available for Windows or MacOS, works with both Microsoft Excel files and Google Sheets.

The new Analytics Edge Desktop App brings all the automation power of the Add-in to a standalone desktop application (MacOS and Windows PCs) that works with both Microsoft Excel files and Google Sheets. Download your data with the built-in connectors, the combine and transform it as required before committing the results to your spreadsheet.

Not An Add-in, Not Server-Based

The Desktop App is an installed, standalone application that runs entirely on your computer. It can read and write to Microsoft Excel files as well as Google Sheets files (via the Google Sheets API). It operates this way for speed — by avoiding the slow Addon integrations, the Desktop App can download and process your data fast. The main application window features a spreadsheet-like grid displaying your a sample of your data as it would appear in your file, mimicing the interface of the Add-in.

Quick Queries

Pick a spreadsheet cell, make a query using simple popup wizards, repeat as needed. Refresh all with a single click. Simple automation. No limits – use different accounts, different sources, all on the same worksheet or spread over several sheets. Copy and paste, quickly edit with the popup wizards, or get technical and work with the query definitions sheet — you do you. Get your work done fast, refresh whenever you want even faster.

Interactive Mode

Need to clean up some data or just download some data once? No problem – interactive mode lets you pick a location and pick a function. Analytics Edge will load the data and run the function, then save it back or write it to a new location.

Analytics Edge Macros

Want more insights and have a couple of minutes? Convert your Quick Query to a Macro and open the door to limitless analysis. No formulas or coding to learn; everything is wizard based! Replace text, remove duplicates, pivot, filter, sort, combine, lookup — 34 powerful wizard-based functions let you dig into your data in minutes. Easily work with data from multiple sources, making step-by-step changes and seeing the results as you work. Stay focused on your data, not writing code. Refresh in seconds.