Connector for Facebook

Get Facebook Insights data
into Excel automatically

Select the metrics you want,
placed where you need them

No account or query limits,
both page and post insights

Automated Facebook Insights Reporting

The Analytics Edge Connector for Facebook makes it easy to get specific Facebook Insights data into Excel exactly where you want them. No more searching for the metrics you want from hundreds listed; the simple Analytics Edge wizard lets you pick just the ones you want and downloads them where you want them.


Connector Capabilities

  • Both Page Insights and Post Insights metrics available
  • No account or query restrictions (subject to API limits)
  • Supports both segmented and unsegmented metrics
  • Returns Post metrics for Posts made during date range
  • All Facebook Insights metrics available
  • Flexible date range options

The Analytics Edge Connector for Facebook is available from either the Analytics Edge Basic Add-in or the Analytics Edge Core Add-in.

Pricing and Download