Connector for MailChimp

Refresh MailChimp reports
in Excel automatically

Select the campaigns you want
and get the data you need

Supports unlimited accounts
and all your campaigns and lists

Automate Your MailChimp Reports

The Analytics Edge Connector for MailChimp makes it easy to extract campaign metrics from your MailChimp account. You get access to all of the MailChimp data, including the bulk Export API for fast downloads of large lists, campaign subscriber activity and ecommerce orders.



Connector Capabilities

  • No account limits – perfect for agency use
  • Download all your campaigns and lists
  • Bulk export for large lists and subscriber activity
  • Download details for bounces, clicks, opens, sends, unsubscribes
  • Quick campaign summary reports
  • Track list activity, growth, and member activity

The Analytics Edge Connector for MailChimp is available from either the Analytics Edge Basic Add-in or the Analytics Edge Core Add-in. 

Pricing and Download