Connector for Shopify

Get Shopify store data
into Excel automatically

Customer, order and product data
easily downloaded for reporting

No account or query limits,
download as often as you want

Download Your Shopify Store Data

With the Analytics Edge Connector for Shopify, you can now automate your Shopify reporting in Excel. You get access to all of the customer, product and order data for your accounts. With Analytics Edge, your queries are recorded as part of your workbook, so updates are a snap!


Connector Capabilities

  • Download customers, orders, transactions, products and more
  • Keep track of customer counts and orders
  • Report on orders or transactions for the period
  • Export product lists, descriptions, variants
  • Download custom and smart collections
  • Track events on articles, blogs, orders, pages and more

The Analytics Edge Connector for Shopify is available from either the Analytics Edge Basic Add-in or the Analytics Edge Core Add-in.

Pricing and Download