Simply Free Licenses

Analytics Edge Simply Free Licenses

Free? What’s that catch? 

The Analytics Edge Core Add-in (Free license option) and Free Google Analytics connector can be licensed at no cost. You are free to use them, but they belong to Analytics Edge Inc. The license you get will expire in 2038 and works only on the computer that is licensed (you can license as many computers as you want). Although the intention is that the software will always be licensed free, there is no guarantee that the software or the offer will continue to be available in the future.

Yeah, but what’s the catch?

No catch…there is no obligation for you to purchase anything, now or in the future. There are no limits to usage.

We do hope that you will purchase a premium license for the Analytics Edge Core Add-in or one of the many optional  Analytics Edge Connectors, but you don’t have to.

What do you do with my information?

Email registration is optional. If you provide one, it will be used to keep you informed of product updates (which happen often), free resources and new capabilities. It will not be shared with anyone else for any other reason. You can unsubscribe at any time, and I may even drop you from my list if you aren’t opening my newsletters.

All user credentials captured by the products are stored, strongly encrypted, on your computer; they are never shared with Analytics Edge. You can delete them at any time. All Analytics Edge Connectors make queries directly to the web service they support using secure internet connections; they do not pass through any Analytics Edge server.

We do track product feature usage, but no details about the queries you make or the credentials you use.

You’re hiding a restriction somewhere, right?

Nope…it is simply free.