The Best Supermetrics Alternative for Excel Users

A number of my customers have told me why they chose Analytics Edge over Supermetrics, so I thought it would help others if I laid it all out in black-and-white. If you find yourself querying ‘supermetrics vs…’, then you should definitely look at Analytics Edge. 

Less Expensive: Let’s start with the big elephant in the room: price. If you don’t need all those data sources, you will find Analytics Edge is dirt cheap in comparison. Small agencies and freelancers with lots of clients will find the no-account-limit, no-query-limit licensing of Analytics Edge makes it possible to automate reports for all of their clients, even the ones that don’t pay their bills.

Corporate Compliance: Analytics Edge does not have any access to your account credentials or data — your queries go direct from your computer to the API servers. There is no intermediate server storing your account information or processing your data. Some of my customers are simply not allowed to have their corporate data pass through third-party servers without a full and regular compliance audit, and Analytics Edge is the perfect solution.

Faster Refreshes: They also like the speed; your computer makes queries direct to Google or Microsoft or Facebook, and it can’t get any faster than that. There is no intermediate server slowing things down. Customers have seen dramatic improvements in downloading large data sets and refreshing reports with hundreds of queries.

More Reliable: Some customers cite the reliability of Analytics Edge; there aren’t any outages caused by shared server overloads or updates. No dramatic slow downs at the beginning of the month due to a share server overload. There is nothing worse than your reporting tool failing on the day your reports are due.

Better Productivity: Some people love the way they can get more done in less time — Analytics Edge was purpose-built to save you time creating and updating your reports. The Analytics Edge Core Add-in lets you automate both the download and the analysis of your data so you don’t have to struggle with formulas and scripts. We all have better things to do than building or refreshing reports.

Less Technical: this may be a bit of a surprise, but Analytics Edge queries and macros don’t use any programming — no scripts — not even formulas (which is programming by another name)! Everything is wizard-based, easily edited and run. The product is designed to keep you focused on your data, not trying to figure out VLOOKUP…

More Scalable: Finally, since Analytics Edge connectors make the queries direct to the API servers, there are no product-imposed limits holding you back. All the connectors support unlimited accounts and all the queries the API servers can handle. Since there is no shared intermediate server, there is no reason to charge you more or limit your capabilities as your needs grow.

“I did more in a two days [with Analytics Edge] then with Supermetrics in 3 weeks”

“Urgh Supermetrics… I looked into that before I found you lol. Hate that thing.”

“We like the tool [Analytics Edge] as it offers more flexibility working with Excel”

If you haven’t tried Analytics Edge, you can start free, for 30 days, no purchase necessary. Get started now!

Analytics Edge has connectors for Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and more.