Google Analytics Connector

Automate Your Google Analytics Reporting

With the Analytics Edge Connector for Google Analytics, you can now automate your Analytics reporting in Excel. You get full access to all the data, all the fields, for all of your accounts. With Analytics Edge, your queries are recorded as part of your workbook, so updates are a snap!

Available in free and paid versions (Pro: $50/year unlimited use). 

Free Connector versus Pro Connector

Free Google Analytics

  • Reporting API access
  • All the dimensions/metrics
  • Simple data sampling avoidance
  • Custom dynamic segments
  • Forum support
  • No account limit, No query limit, No row limit

Google Analytics Pro

  • Reporting plus Pivot function
  • Multi-Channel Funnel reports
  • Management List reports
  • Data Upload capability
  • Confidential email support
  • Only $50/year, No account, query or row limits

No programming required!

The Connector for Google Analytics is easy to install, easy to configure, and easy to use. The simple wizard interface provides access to all your Analytics report data from inside Microsoft Excel. Combine it with other Analytics Edge functions to fully automate your website tracking reports. No formulas, no programming.

ga-core-fieldsSimple access to the data you need

Using the same function wizard approach as our Core Add-in, the Connector offers data from all Google Analytics dimensions and metrics, including the Multi-channel Funnel ones, in a simple point-and-click interface. Select segments, filters and custom sort options in just the right combination for your analysis. Choose fixed or floating date ranges. Combine queries in the same workbook for roll-up reporting.

The Analytics Edge Connectors for Google Analytics are licensed independently for use with either the Analytics Edge Core Add-in or Analytics Edge Basic Add-in.